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Southwest Florida

Activities and Attractions

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens


1590 Goodlette Rdt
Naples, Florida


Much more than a walk-through zoo. Hand-feed the herd of seven giraffe. Experience keeper talks; premier wildlife shows; hand-feeding of alligators by professional staff; venomous snake presentations; and cruises through islands of monkeys. Plus see favorites like lions, tigers, and bears. Naples Zoo is one of only four zoos in the nation to feature the fierce honey badgers. It's wild fun from apes to zebras in a historic botanical garden.


Dolphin Research Tours


Dolphin Research Tours

Goodland Boat Park
750 Palm Point Dr
Goodland FL

(239) 777-4296
or text


Join our dolphin tour and search for Marco Islands dolphins during a unique ‘citizen science’ eco-tour in The 10,000 Island Wilderness Preserve. Individuals of all ages can learn from and participate in a fifteen-year photo-identification study of the area’s dolphins with Kent Morse, founder and director of The Dolphin Study.

Be a citizen scientist for a day Each Dolphin Research Tour contributes photos and sighting data to a long term photo-identification study of the bottlenose dolphin communities in Southwest Florida.


Everglades Area Tours


238 Mamie Street
PO Box 824
Chokoloskee Island, FL


Enjoy a guided boat tour in the 10,000 Islands; Experience kayak fishing in the Everglades National Park backcountry; Canoe through magnificent mangrove tunnels; Enjoy a guided bicycle tour amongst old-growth cypress hammocks; Catch tarpon and snook on a guided fishing trip; Hike into the prairies, wetlands and sloughs to find rare orchids; Take a guided birding trip; or over fly the entire area in a float plane.

Fishing Resource center for fishing in Southwest Florida. View information on fish species, food quality, tide charts, charters and much more.

Local Parks Links to community parks & recreation areas

Shelling Tips for shelling: from what to bring to shell, to how to clean them

State & National Parks & Sanctuaries Links to Southwest Florida State and National Parks

Florida Wildlife

Many people who come to Florida for the wildlife probably come for one animal alone: a talking mouse. While this talking mouse is a fun attraction, and quite articulate for a rodent, Florida is also filled with many other types of equally-appealing species. These beasts might not have been invented by the genius of Disney, but the creatures of Florida definitely allow Mother Nature to give ol’ Walt a run for his money.

Alligators: In 1987, the American Alligator became the official reptile of Florida. The reason for this is simple: in Florida, alligators are everywhere. This might not seem exciting to the people who live there: the alligators may be viewed as nothing but pests who swim in ponds, walk slowly across roads, and occasionally eat a neighbor’s cat. But for people visiting from places that don’t have alligators, they can be more »


If you want to cover more of the sights with a little less sand, a bike can be the ideal solution and a great way to wear off the effects of the area's fine dining. The many paths make certain you don't miss out on Sanibel Island's best sites. There are several businesses in the area that allow you to rent bikes and even equipment for the beach in case you would like to stop along the way. Better yet, plan a quiet picnic at the water's edge. Children are no obstacle either; jogging strollers and other equipment is also more »