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Cape Coral - Florida's Gulf Coast

Cape Coral Vacation Rentals
By Caitlin Moore

You might not know (yet) where Cape Coral is, but you can?t deny that it sure has a nice ring to it. This canal-filled development exists on the sunny, south central Gulf coast of Florida, and was created by a few masterminds with the intention of providing a relaxing, easy-to-navigate destination for tired, overworked souls. It is largely dominated by attractive condos and waterfront villas, so join the club that already knows the best way to immerse yourself in a vacation is to live like a local and make yourself at home.

Many of the residences here are the second homes of out-of-staters and many are rented to a merry-go-round of sleep-deprived travelers just like yourself who are looking for a place to hide away. In other words, you?ll feel comfortable blending into a group of people who, though coming from different backgrounds and locations, all have the same goals in mind. And, because it?s such a hot destination, you?ll know you?re getting top-notch offerings of town homes and beach houses as well.

Take one example, a waterfront paradise that will capture your heart at first glance. Conveniently located on a roomy portion of one of the many canals in the area, this lovely home boasts a pleasing exterior and a spacious floor plan. With three bedrooms, a full kitchen, a living room with entertainment center, and a lanai with patio tables and chairs, you?ll wonder how you?ll have the time to give each room the love and attention it deserves.

If you or your companion is a clothes horse and somehow always end up over packing, there are two things to take into consideration. One, a washer and dryer on the premises will ensure that you always have something clean to wear, so feel comfortable in leaving behind extra, ?just in case? items. Or, if you can?t bear the thought of wishing you had brought something or other, a walk in closet, plenty of hangars, and lots of extra drawers and shelves will allow you to indulge in all the luggage lugging you feel is necessary. Either way, it?s certain that you?ll end up happy.

This luxurious abode also has a solar heated pool and spa on hand, so your anxieties will really be forced to melt away. A private boat dock is just out back, and it can be arranged to rent yourself a speed demon or pontoon if you?d care to spend a good amount of time on the water. A beautifully-manicured yard as well as convenient access to shopping, dining options, entertainment, and of course, the beach, will all aid in your transition from world-weary to wonderfully rejuvenated.

If you?ve brought the kids along, there?s a water park and a science museum nearby in addition to all the water tubing, swimming, and sea shelling that will certainly catch their attention. If it?s just you and your special someone, romantic dinner cruises and the proverbial long walks on the beach will probably end up igniting a little romance. Cape Coral is also a fun place to plan a family reunion or an informal gathering of long-lost friends, so consider making it the backdrop for reconnecting with loved ones. All in all, this is a destination with enough variety and fine weather, especially during the winter months, that you?ll end up having a blast no matter what your plans are.

Fort Myers, Captiva, and Sanibel aren?t too far away so if you feel like packing a picnic and heading out for a daylong boat trip you?ll have worthwhile places to go. Don?t feel that you?re missing out, though, if you end up sticking pretty close to ?home.? Your vacation rental will become more and more comfortable each day, and you?ll probably find that reading a book on the patio and grilling a meal in the backyard will become your top priorities. It?s all about pleasing yourself and taking full advantage of your precious vacation, so ignore any preconceived notions or rules and do what feels right.

Many people notice that just when they start to relax, just when they?ve entered the zone of true contentment, it?s time to pack up and go home. If you want to avoid this inevitable feeling of disappointment, or at least postpone it, plan ahead. Schedule yourself plenty of time to appreciate your vacation rental and don?t feel guilty about taking a few weeks to do it. If you?re like most people, such a trip is long overdue.

Thus, it?s all come down to this. If you see yourself following the path to this location sometime in the future, start planning now to achieve the optimal results. Peruse the Cape Coral FL Vacation Rentals online, book a flight, and most importantly, tell your boss that you?re going to be gone for a while.

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